Friday, November 13, 2009

Yasawa Islands

Yasawa Islands sits majestically to the north of the Mamanucas Archipelago, and are much less commercially orientated than their southern cousins. They are consisting of 16 larger islands and dozen of smaller ones. They are impressive islands, with breathtaking beaches and enchanting fishing villages, which provide an opportunity to observe the traditional way of life. These islands offer plenty for everybody, from fabulous beaches and clear lagoons to exclusive resorts for the well-heeled.

The islands have been a popular cruise destination from the 1950s, but land-based tourism was forbidden. Since then the popularity of the islands has been growing and they moved from back-packer heaven to mainstream destination. New development is unavoidable, but the wonderful island scenery has not been touched and there is more than enough coastline to go around. Resort are tend to be isolated. most of the island villages are without electricity or running water. But there is fresh water everywhere, so the locals know how to survive.

Indeed many of the resort are owned and operated by friendly islanders, retaining a rustic charm that combines with the majestic scenery to ensure the visitors Yasawas feel because they discover the real ‘South Pacific’.

When to go: Any time, there is no specific period hot and dry conditions predominate, with cool nights. Population: 6,000. Getting there: From Lautoka by fast catamaran (2-4 hours) or seaplane (20 minutes). Arrange it all upon arrival at Nadi International Airport.

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