Monday, November 2, 2009


ng the Dutch coast for 29 km creating a barrier between the North and Wadden Seas. It is most accessible of the West Frisian Islands, with miles of sandy shoreline and a wonderfully varied landscape for its size. The north coast is a white-sand beach up to 1 km wide, backed by windswept dunes with a hinterland of pine forest. To the south is salt marsh – lush meadowland where catle graze and cranberries grow. The entire eastern end of the island is a nature reserve for migratorybirds.

The main town is called West-Terschelling, which is a charming port on the south coast, steeped in maritime history. The islanders are renowned for their seamanship, resilience and resourcefulness. There are walks, cycle paths and bridleways that take you all over the island, superb beaches for sand yachting and surfing, and plenty of opportunities for sailing or just mucking around on a boat. There is a real sense of being at one with nature here – a wonderful sense of freedom and space.

When to go: June to September. Population: 4,702. How to get there: Ferry from Harlingen (The Netherlands) to West-Terschelling. You shoul know: Don’t bother to bring a car here. There are plenty of buses and taxis but the best way of getting around is by bike.

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