Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lupu Bridge

While there are no mountains to climb in the city of Shanghai, you can have a heightened experience climbing Lupu Bridge. Choose a clear, sunny day and hop in a taxi to the bridge that straddles the Huangpu River. This is longest arch bridge in the world with its 550-meter-long arch span is 32 meters longer. The length of on-site welding totals more than 40,000 meters—comparable to the total length of the inner-city elevated freeway of Shanghai.

In order to complete the climb, you need to be healthy and capable to climb unaided, because the experience includes climbing 367 steps at high altitude and exposing under the weather. All cardiopulmonary diseases (including hypertension), dizziness, and equilibrium disorder may affect your climbing safety.

Hand-carried bags and other stuff are not allowed on the bridge. Climbers will be asked to remove them and leave them at the depost, They also must pass through a metal-detector.

Once you reach the top, take in the vast panoramic view, which now includes a good shot of the future site of the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Remember to bring your camera along and take advantage of the great many snapshot opportunities.

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