Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Explora Hotel

Explora Hotel in Atacama,Chile invites travelers to make a life pause. This wondering hotel offers to visitors to go out and experience its natural and cultural richness and return every evening back to comfort.

Atacama or San Pedro de Atacama is 34,000 acres cultivated oasis, inhabited for more than two thousand years. The hotel takes some distance from existing settlements. It also has pre-Colombian style of the structures- a town without the use of streets.

Guest rooms are raised 3’over the ground level, to have a view of the whole oasis, the mountains and the horizons beyond. The interior of the hotel is very soft and gives a rest to the eyes after a long day spent in the sunshine. The broken lines and forms of the structures give life to things.

 To temperate the place, water runs through places and terraces, while breeze cools down in the void spaces.

This is a natural hotel, which is attracted by the movement of light like ocean waves lead to nowhere.


  1. this is cool..did you visit the place already...i wish to go there one day!

  2. this is nice blog with nice lovely photos


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