Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Multikino, Poland

Multikino is located on the suburbs of Cracow and it is a part of a chain of multiplex cinemas locared in the Zlote Tarasy commercial center . The cinema has an auditorium seating 777 and the largest screen in Poland. All halls are equipped with one of the world's leading sound system. martin Audio.

The complex offers seven other comforable auditory , multiple screens, dolby digital sound and picture, unique premiere hall, music club, variety of snacks and drinks and shopping centre.

The 35mm music club is on the top floor of the entertainment complex, with a DJ , a bar and a restuarant . its design is light and airy compared with white walls, skylights and eggs chairs.

Chongqing Library China

Chongquing is large region in China comprising 30 million inhabutants and more than 3,000 years of history . Chongqing often called accemountain city for its majestic natural features and geography, develop a world class library.

The library structure has a concert hall gallery space, conference facilities, restaurant, and a hotel for visiting scholars.

The building is covered almost entirely in glass, providing transparency for the functions inside and reinforcing the notion that knowledge and ideas must be shared.

Disney Store

The Disney Store Headquarters is located in San francisco and was a convention of the historic Royal Laundary Building for the children's place. The plan was the creation of an open and collaborative work enviroment for 230 employeres. So that Clive wilkinson in collaboration with workplace strategists DEGW, created an organization scheme which was consisted with colourful modolar system that become both architecture and furniture.

The modular honeycomb structure conceived a a flexble means of manging Disney simple product display , forms a second conference room. The firm's honeycomb system was subsequently licensed to the Belgum company, quinze & milan, for a commercial market offering.

Singapore Luxury Hotel

A Naumi is a boutique hotel in the heart of Singapore, Only 20 km from the airport ltae's nearby to National Museum of Singapore , Botanical Garden, Little india , China town, Arab and Bugis street.

The hotel spread over 10 floors and comprising a total 40 rooms. The interiors of the hotel display a clean cosmopolitan look and modern luxury. All 40 rooms are perfect and very stylish , equipped with Ip Telephones, Wi-F internet and so on.

Naumi Hotel serves as the best place to relax and total comfort in Singapore. The hotel Boasts with yoga class, bar with rare collection of wines and high quality whiskies and malts, fitness room, rooftop pool bar with day bed for lounging , overlooking Singapore breathe taking. The hotel also features a unique Japanese garden.

Crazy Buidlings

Piano House In Annhui ,China

This unique piano house is in Anhui Province, China . This building was desgned by the local Chinese government to attarct more develpment to this area. Inside of the transparent Cilion is the escakatir to the building , where a variety of city plans and ideas for the future development are in display.

The Blue Building , Netherlands

This building is located in the borough of Delfshaven, Rotterdam. It was once derelict building and one of the most unseen blocks of houses in Rotterdam. But by applying a layer if only 2 micron of blue paint. the block will remain blue as long as there is not a new plan for the area. and it become Rotterdam's most photographed one.

The Heart of Moscow

Opened in 2007 , This is the most sumptunous hotel in a town. The ritz CARLTON MOSCOW is among the best luxury hotel in the world, definite by the Forbes Traveler . The hotel is situated only 3 minutes walk to the kremlin place, The red square and the crist the saviour cathedral. besides to the vies of red square , The ritz carlton provides 334 elegance decorated rooms, a full servce health spa with 14 different treatment rooms, an ndoor swimming pool lit through Swarovski crystals, and over the top amenites..

The hotel's main restaurant is a marble flored fine dining restaurant called Jeroboam . The menu is conceived by Chef Heinz Winkler offers fine international dining. You sholuld be trying the popular dishes- Pigeon en croute and Crayfish with Saffron-. The restaurtant possess extensive wine list, stocks over 800 bottles , The highlight being a 1961 Chateau Petrus -69,000 US $-

Weird Structure

I would say i never have been so amused of a bus stop. This is a real functioning bus stop located in Ventura, California . The bus stop looks like a giant snake and it is very commom to be scared to sit on the bench and wait for a bus. Designed by DENNIS OPPENHEIM.

This is a Device to root out evil structure purchased for over three hundred thousand dollars and installed at Harbour Green park , The longest continuoes waterfront park in downtown waterfront background. Hand blown deep red glass shingles and blue glass windows reflects sunlight during the day and are illuminated from within at night. The sculpture's new home enables Vancouver citizens and visitors to permanently enjoy the conversation which device to rot out Evil evokes. The sculpture is part of the Vancounver Internatonal Sculpture Biennale open space 2005-2006..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art Gallery Of Ontario

Frank Gehry is a winning architect based in Los angles. Today he is 70 years old and ended up reenvisioning with the Art gallery of Ontario , As a child he visited the AGO often, and the effect of those visits on him and his future career was significant. The remaking of AGO allows toronto to gather some of the benifits of hs huge talent before it is all too late.

One of Gehry's early sources of carrer inspiration was the finish architect Alvar Aalto known as the father of Scandinavian modernism. Alvar loves the gently curving light color wood, and these clean and airy architectural lines, can be sensed at thenewly refurbished AGO. dur to this fat Gehry thought of Aalto when he designed the spiraling plywood faced staircase for the main entry hall is irrevalent. The newly transfigured AGo is simply gorgeous.

The toilet (Very Strange Building)

It is really an strange building located in Suwon, South korea only 40km of seoul. it is the first appearnce largest toilet sculptures organized and owned by Sim Jae duck chairman of the world of Association of toilet. Today, around 40% of the world's population doesn't get to use hygenic toilets and he used this symbol of disease to bring forth the reality of two million people.

The toilet shaped house costs 1.6$ million and spread over 420 sqm. In the centre of the house is a glass walled bathroom which features a device producing mist to make sure users do not feel too exposed. The glass structure offers four deleux toilets- one of which includes a misting device that helps users feel more secure and eletronic motion sensors that lift and lower the lid when needed. Also you can rent the house for absurd 50,000 $ a day.

The Shopping mad Osaka

The ultra chic construction- Namba parks, is built in 2003 in japan. According the architectural
project by Obayashi corporation. This large extraordinary designed complex with total building area- 130,000 sqm, consist of a 30 floors office building and a 120 tenant shopping mall with eight floors of terraced gardens. The parks tower with a heightof 150m now is considerd as a new landmark of Namba area.

There are more than 200 boutique stores, resturants, big brand, also and cinema complex with 11 screens. On the roof of this building is a spacious park with a toral area of 11,500 sq.m and approxmately 70,000 plants of 300 species. it is open to all offering dining venus and opportunity of relaxiton in a natural setting. So sucessfull Namba Parks, added a new dimension to the shopping options of the city.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plotvices Lakes National Park, EUROPE

Located in a deep mysterious ancient forest known as the Devils Garden between Zagreb and Zadar, Plitvice Lakes National Park, composed of 19.5 hectares of woods, lakes and waterfalls, imagine Niagara Falls diced and sprinkled over a heavily forested Grand Canyon. This lush valley of terraced lakes is laced together by waterfalls and miles of pleasant wooden plank walks. One of croatia's top sights, it's the oldest national park in europe. Countless cascades and strangely clear and colorful water make the plitvice lakes National park a misty natural wonderland.

Visitors can get a close up view from boardwalks that carry them across marshes and along lakeshores. You will experience this enchanting world cascading lakes, subterranea caverns and breathtaking waterfalls which is home to deer, bears, wolves, boars and rare bird species.

Entrance Fee: 6 Euro in November - April, 10 Euro in May, June, Speptember and October, 12 Euro in July and August.
I hope you enjoy...........

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

The town in the north West of the Alps, Chamonix, Mont Blank is famous as a skiing resort. Most blanc became famous in 1924 with the organization of the First winter Olympics Games. the chamonix Mont Blanc ski region covers 4 major ski resorts; Brevent/Flegere, Grands Montets Domaine du balme and Les Houches.

In 20 minutes , two cable cars will take you from the valley fllor in Chamonix up to the arrival satin perched on a rocky spur at an altitude of 3842 m, in the heart of some of the highest peaks in Europe.

Fancy a bit of skiing, snowboardng, telemarking, cross-country skiing, ski-touring, mountaineering, ice climbing or snowhoeing.

Or if you prefer something a little more sedate then just enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh Alpine air.
Chamonix, the cradle of alpines. remains the meting of nature and mountain lovers