Saturday, November 7, 2009

Al Mahara Restaurant

The Al Mahara is a seven star seafood restaurant at the gaudy Burj Al Arab hotel at Jumeirha Beach, Dubai. Elevators to the restaurant take guests on an amazing underwater journey to a restaurant surrounding a 300,000 liters coral reef aquarium. If you’re planning to visit Al Mahara, you should wholeheartedly immerse yourself in all its folly to appreciate its true delights.

The dining tables are arranged around the giant glass aquarium, known as “The Oval” , the sweeping 360-degree tank contains 300,000 liters of deep-blue salt water, and with all kinds of marine life – including eels and blacktip reef sharks – darting about and throwing you wide-eyed stares. The window is made out of acrylic and is 18 cm thick, and cleaned every couple of days. With a dinning experience as exciting as this, it is no wonder that this place was named one of the 50 best restautants in the world.

Open daily 12.30pm-3pm, 7pm-12 midnight.
All major credit cards accepted

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