Tuesday, November 10, 2009


If you’ve been to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) there is no need to see any other mountain. Situated in eastern China s Anhui Province and popular with its breathtaking sweeping landscapes and misty peaks, the Yellow Mountain offers extraordinary scenes and views from what can look like the edge of the world.

Whether you look there are oddly-shaped pine trees and rock formations. Huangshan is actually an entire range of mountains and valleys, jutting rocks, shimmering pools, gurgling water falls and the ephemeral clouds. As an international ecotourism point of interest, UNESCO listed the mountain as an official World Cultural Heritage Site in 1990.
The trees of Mount Huangshan occupy an especially important place in China’s botanical research. Here you will find century-old pines, firs, ginkgoes, actinidia, Chinese torreyas and camphor woods– remnants of the glacial era. The Huangshan Mountain Range also provides a natural habitat for a wide variety of creatures. Among the mountain-dwellers are monkeys, goats, deer, pangolin and squirrels, in addition to an active bird population. The climate there is mild and humid, and the temperature is agreeable during all four seasons.
Getting there: Huangshan is accessible from Shanghai by overnight train, a five-hour bus ride or one hour by air. Expect expensive accommodation and food in the mountains everything is transported up the mountain by man-power: witness tough workers carrying live chickens or flats of coke cans in buckets hanging from wooden beams over their shoulders, and still making it up the mountain faster than you.

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