Thursday, December 12, 2013

Propeller Island City Lodge

Berlin’s Propeller Island City Lodge may be the most bizarre example of the artist-designed hotel trend. Each of the 30 rooms is radically different in its decor, its theme, and its presuppositions, and each may delight or appall you with its quirks. This innovative and unique hotel made up of 30 themed rooms is the brilliant work of German artist Lars Stroschen from the Distorted Room, where the floor steeply slopes and nothing is quite right to the Dwarves Room, only 1.4 m high and full of small woodland people, from the Forest room, where your mattress floats on a series of logs surrounded by red walls through to the Gruft room, where your two separate beds are white coffins.

The Gruft room – In both coffins you can even slumber beneath closed lids! An will be opening soon: exclusively connoisseur room for all those “Nosferatus” who cannot wait for that which awaits us all. Whoever has second thoughts can creep to the bed place below, safe within the labyrinth. Not only a unique experience for Gothic die-hards…an exquisite location on top of that! The Upside Room has all the furnishings on the ceiling and you sleep in boxes under the floorboards.

The most popular and lavish room is Propeller Island’s version of the standard presidential suite. It’s hard not think dirty thoughts about this, the largest room, which houses two cages that are set upon two five-foot-high stilts. Sleeping in a cage. Dual cages, situated in the centre of this spacious menagerie, rest on stilts measuring 1.5 meters tall and await applause from the neighbouring guest.