Monday, December 31, 2012

Mount Nelson Hotel

Mount Nelson Hotel is located quite near to the city centre in Cape Town and 34km drive from Cape Town International Airport. The hotel is as well as near by to the fashionable Kloof Street restuarants and bars and 5 minutes walking to the lovely beaches.

The hotel has 201 elegant decorated rooms and six individual wings, separated from the main hotel. Facilities include modern communications services, a business centre, a gymnasium, a luxurious spa , two heated swimming pools and two all-weather tennis courts as well as fine dining and a more relaxed al fresco dining experience.

The Nelson is very aristocratic one by maintaining traditions such as the famous sumptuous afternoon teas, garden walks with the head gardener and by always offering friendly yet professional service. There’s also a stylish new bar Planet, providing the perfect setting for sipping champagne and cocktails under the African night sky.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is said to be Micronesia's most remote destination, and unlike the other three Federated States of Micronesia, Korsae has no outlying atolls. It is high volcanic island extending to some 110 sq km in the area with steep contours and dense vegetation that have prevented development. The islands is sometimes called ‘the sleeping lady’ because it appears to have the female form when viewed from the sea.
It is surrounded by coral reefs that are carefully protected against damage. More than 170 species of hard coral have been identified, plus ten soft corals, and the reefs and the lagoons are home to over 250 different types of fish and marine animal. The Utwe – Walung Marine Park preserves untouched forest and mangrove ecosystems.

The inhabitants continue to rely on traditional farming and fishing for subsistence. They used to live in family groups surrounding a communal cookhouse, but this practice is in decline. They also delight in traditional singing, chanting, weaving, woodcarving, canoe building and house construction. They welcome visitors warmly.
There are a few small resorts, but you won’t be sharing the beauties of Korsae with many others – this is the island that mass tourism has yet to discover. The visitors who do make it are inevitably captivated, and some do not more than unwind from the hectic pace of the modern world – sunbathing, snorkelling, meeting islanders and eating wholesome food. Others dive on the reefs and wrecks. Whatever their preference, not one is disappointed by this wondrous tropical island.

When to go:
December to April is the best time. July to October the wettest. Population: 7,700. Getting there: It’s best to travel via Guam from whence a ‘Visit Micronesia’ pass is available.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MS Lounge

The MS Lounge is an awesome green spot for celebrations and parties. It is sited in Navarra, Spain. The whole concept is has patterns of micro-structures, more in line with geometric patterns of liquid and / or aerosols that Cartesian structures.

The space is a combination of the existing fence, wrapping it all, but hidden: expressing their new identity, not as constructed element, but as a re-forested. A new plant species grown in the surrounding area

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maca Kizi,Bodrum

Maca Kizi is an incredible hot busy hotel and is the best place to stay in the Bodrum area. Maca Kizi is located in the village of Turkbuku,Turkey,half-hour drive from Boredom. The place is named after proprietor Sahir Erozan’s mother Ayla. Her nickname was Macakizi, the Queen of Spades.

Ayla is the beginner of the pontoon beach club concept, where you never really touch a beach but instead lounge on terraces carved into the steep hillside.

The hotel itself is elegantly down-played. All sides are immaculately groomed and beautifully tanned. It is concealed by lush vegetation but the view of the Aegean is ever- present. The architecture is Mediterranean, the rooms are colourful and rare.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

San Giulio

Near by Lake Maggiore in the foothills of the Alps, Lake Orta is a tranquil, often misty vision of scenic charm. Of the villages and tiny market towns that sit comfortably on its green, wooded hillside banks, Orta town is the prettiest and one of the oldest. It lies on the end of a promontory opposite the intriguing island 400 m offshore on which much of its reputation rests.

Isola San Giulio is tiny – only 275 m long and 140 m wide, but crowded with buildings, towers and terraces. There are Benedictine monastery and seminary, the castle and Bishop’s Palace. But the largest building on the island is in fact the Basilica of St Giulio.
When you arrive on the island, San Giulio’s beauty is magnificent with unexpected quiet. The short circular lane between the monastery and the sumptuous 18th century private villas lining the shore is even called ‘The way of Silence‘ and dotted with signs admonishing you to ‘Listen to the water, the wind, your steps’, ‘If you can be yourself, you are everything’.When to go: Year round. Come for the festival of Ancient Music at the Villa Tallone during June, or the piano recitals on Sundays in September. Population: 110. How to get there: By ferry from Orta San Giulio, Omegna, Pella or any of the other lakeside villages

Friday, January 13, 2012

Canyon Rach Hotel

Canyon Ranch is a stunning resort in Miami Beach, perched on the ocean, with expensive rooms, a sybaritic spa and a state-of-the-art gym overlooking blue-green water.

The photograph shows the beach outside Canyon Ranch, which opened in December. The other branches of the luxury spa resort are in the remote countryside of Arizona and the Berkshires. It boasts a sensual 70,000-square-foot spa “where body meets soul� (while money leaves wallet).

A soak in the hydrospa and a sprawl in a heated chaise lounge. The room service menu includes raspberry-vodka-and-hibiscus-tea martinis. Even in this new age of austerity, this is the least ascetic spa ever.

Room price at Canyon Ranch start at $350. A three-night stay booked before Jan. 31 includes a $300 credit toward spa treatments, which are $140 to $500 for a massage and $150 to $275 for a facial