Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roomz Vienna

The new extravagant hotel Roomz is a fresh spot for nightlife and meeting point for modern people who want to experience dynamic, sophisticated and affordable city life whether travelling for business or pleasure. In “Roomz” you will find a cool design in spatial dynamics, innovative architecture and ingenious functionality, as well as a multitude of amenities for a reasonable price.

The hotel has 312 beds with ideal location in the heart of the new Wiener Gasometers business and office centre. The “Roomz Vienna” offers extraordinary holiday for business travellers with relaxing atmosphere and a lot of comfort. The hotel offers excellent travel connections, high-speed internet access, air conditioning, flat-screen televisions in the rooms and a large parking garage – amenities required by today’s travellers.

The hotel was built in nine months. Dynamic times naturally lead to dynamic developments. This factor is reflected in the astonishing pace of construction of the “Roomz Vienna”. On 6 June 2007, less than a year after breaking ground, the hotel was opened with highly motivated and keen personnel. The hotel will absolutely pique the senses of “people in motion”, thanks to the archisphere architects group – architects & designers with Gabriel Kacerovsky.

Getting there: It is located near the Gasometer, an architecturally interesting residential and shopping complex housed in gigantic old gas containers, so guests won’t feel so isolated out here in Simmering. But no worries, the subway takes you straight into the heart of the city.

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