Monday, November 2, 2009


Emerald water and snowy mountains peaks provide a scenic backdrop to this glorious 45 hectare ‘island of flowers’, one of three very different but equally interesting islands in Lake Constance. The lake, which is Central Europe’s third largest, lies on the Rhine between Germanay, Switzerland, and Austria.
Visitors to Mainau have all their expectations surpassed when they find themselves landing in one of the most beautiful parks of Europe with a fairytale Baroque place at its heart. The island gardens are a jungle of exotic vegetation, citrus trees and orchids made possible by the microclimate of the lake. The variety of different species, colours and fragrances is an incredible experience – you can relax under palm and sequoia treed, explore winding side paths, catch the scent of orange blossom and dazzle your eye with kaleidoscope of colour before wandering through parkland on an incredible view over the lake itself.
The island is run by the Countess on behalf of the Foundation; the garden of Mainau is not only breathtakingly beautiful but a model of sound ecological practice.

When to go: April to September. Population: Family and residents. How to get there: Regular boat services from Konstanz or the island of Lindau.

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