Wednesday, September 2, 2009

White Cliffs Underground Hotel- New South Wales

Welcome to White Cliffs, the opal town in the North West of New South Wales, Australia! This is an extraordinary place, with not just the motel but most of the town living in underground dwellings called 'dugouts'.

Dugouts are so-called because they are dug in the rock.

It makes perfect sense. Regardless of the heat of the Australian outback, dugouts enjoy a constant 22°C temperature all year round. They are perfectly dry, and well ventilated. And environmentally, they are extremely sound: in a dugout you never have to use a heater, or air-conditioning.

More than just a motel, what you will find here is the opportunity to share a unique lifestyle.

The hotel rooms at the White Cliffs hotel in New South Whales are completely underground. They’ve been carved out of what were once opal mines. When you stay here you’ll have not only an incredible hotel room experience but will have the opportunity to tour the old Australian mines as well.

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