Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wild Cape Town

There is wildness to Capetown– the big skies, the rugged canyons, the jagged outcroppings of sandstone and granite that rises over the icy South Atlantic at the tip of Africa. Today in Cape Town you can enjoy penguins waddle across white-sand beaches, elands wander the dunes, hungry baboons jump on unsuspecting tourists pifer apart their stuff.

Cape Town is a place, which can amused a visitor with its grand-scale landscapes. Besides it’s all became very cheap to exploreĂ‚ with the South African rand. You can stay in a good hotel room, rent a car, eat excellent meals and stroll in spectacular wilderness, all for a total of $300 per a day. The picture displays Kalk Bay – a funky mix of tidy Edgartown and rough-edged New Bedford — hug the coast.

In this image Table Mountain National Park, a tremendous area that encompasses the Table Mountain range and extends from Cape Town’s Signal Hill to the southernmost tip of the cape.

The neighborhood of Bo-Kaap, also emerged as its colorful architecture and large Muslim community.

Baboons scavenge for food in Table Mountain National Park.

A view of Cape Town.

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