Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hotel Santa Caterina

It is located on the incredibly scenic Amalfi Coast,Italy. The extensive property is perches on the cliff above the sea, distribution in a series of natural terraces – from the coastal road cascades down to the water. Two elevators transport guests past citrus groves and lush Mediterranean gardens to the seaside level of the estate. About the views…I don’t say anything….

The luxury rooms are designed with original antiques furniture and offer to its guests five-star amenities. Each of the 62 rooms has a balcony with view on the Amalfi Coast and have interesting botanical name such as “Casa dell’Arancio” (House of the Orange), “Vite” (Grapevine), “Campanule” (Bell flowers) and “Limoni” (Lemons).

You can enjoy with a swimming pool, sunbathing decks, fitness area, bar and open-air restaurant with a large terrace for dining. The highly qualified SPA center offers a superb wellness facilities including Turkish Bath, Sauna, different types of massages, facial and full body treatments.

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