Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The House That Makes You Dizzy

As of late, with man uncovering pretty much all there was to uncover on planet Earth, people have been searching for odd, bizarre places to visit, to satisfy their craving for something new.

One such unconventional tourist attraction lies in Poland, a country that is still recovering from its time under the communist regime but has a lot to offer tourists willing to take a chance and come for a visit. Set in the small village of Szymbark, the Upside-Down House built by Polish business-man and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski is fast becoming one of the country’s most popular attractions.

It’s not the only upside-down house in the world, there are others, like the one in Vancouver, Canada or in Orlando, USA, but the thing that makes it unique, is that its interior is also completely reversed. That might not sound like much while you’re reading this article, but if you ever have the chance to visit you’ll realize what I’m talking about. Those who have actually been inside say that as soon as you enter the house, your eyes start playing tricks on you, you lose your balance very easily, start getting dizzy and feeling nauseous. Specialists say your body needs at least a half an hour to get used to the upside-down surroundings.

Czapiewski says he had the house built as a symbol to demonstrate how different the communist regime was like compared to the democracy Polish people live nowadays. However there are some that say Czapiewski, who is the owner of a company that builds timber frame houses, just built it to show what his company could achieve. They’ve practically built a whole showcase village in the area, to show the company’s products but The Upside-Down House is undoubtedly the most popular exhibit. It took Czapiewski’s workers 114 days to build, instead of the normal 3 weeks in which they build a regular house, because they had to take long breaks, to recover from getting disoriented by the strange angles of the house.

Here’s a tip if you ever have the chance to visit this wacky Upside-Down House, while you wait at the long lines that form in front of the house’s entrance, take a peak through the windows at the people already inside, you might have a good laugh watching them trying to stay on their feet.

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