Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today kilimanjaro is an exotic destination, which is threatened by degradation from climate change. Every year travel industry sends about 30, 000 climbers toward Kilimanjaro’s summit.

To reach the great summit, there’re six routes established, some of them however demanding mountaineering routes. The most difficult and also short used route is the Marangu, the others routes take a little longer to reach the summit.

While climbing in the moors there’re weird plans such as olonnade-like, eight-foot lobelias andclusters of tree-size senecio kilimanjari, or giant groundsels, with clumps of cabbage-shaped leaf clusters atop withered-looking trunks.

The population of Kilimanjaro is called Chagga รข€” which are the people who can carry up to 50 pounds on their head. WOW. Kilimanjaro has two main climbing seasons: January through February and mid-June through mid-October, typically the most stable weather periods. Kilimanjaro is thetallest mountain rise in the world, and includes the highest peak in Africa at 5,895 meters providing a dramatic view from the surrounding plains.

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