Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liseberg Amusement Park

Liseberg is an amusement park located in Gothenburg, sweden. The park opened in 1923 and is the largest among counterparts located in the Nordic countries, attracting over 3 million visitors annually. One of the most popular attractions is the wooden roller coaster Balder, voted twice asBest Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster in the world in a major international poll. The park itself has also been chosen as one of the top ten amusement parks in the world (2005) by Forbes Magazine.

Additional to the summer season, the park is also open during November and December, albeit with fewer rides operating, hosting a Christmas market with traditional Swedish cuisine such as mulled wine and specialties such as dunner kebab made from reindeer meat.

Tornado is a very scary and 100 % guarantee adrenaline spinningwheel performer in the Amusement park.

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