Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rocks That Rock

These two rocks are called Meoto Iwa, situated just off the coast of Mie, jAPAN. The rocks are meant to signify marriage. The larger one is male and the smaller one female. The rope which connects the rocks weights over a ton and is changed during the year due to various ceremonies.

This rock is called Kjeragbolten, situated between the walls of a mountain crevice in Norway. The rock is often spot by tourists for a crafty photograph while attempting not to look down at the 3000ft. I’m very surprised of the sheep in the picture.

The picture displays Kyaiktiyo Pagoda rock situated in Barma. According to locals the rock was placed on the cliff edge by spirits and the Pagoda resting on top apparently contains a hair belonging to the Buddha.

This rock has the shape of a bugger and also is a member of the Brimham Rocks family in North Yorkshire, 50 acres of strange rock formations visited regularly by members of the public.

This impressive Mushroom Rock is situated in the North Atlantic Ocean and also the most isolated part of the British Isles. Numerous landings have been made on the rock and various disputes have arisen over its ownership, a matter which is still unresolved.

I couldn’t find much information about this attractive rock, but I was really glad when I found it. All I know is that the rock is named Piedra del Penol and you have to pay to get to the top and that the stairway that sits in the rock’s crevice must have been an absolute ball-ache to construct.

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