Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zheravna- tourist destination

The village has 330 houses and 550 inhabitant. The average temperature of a year is 11 C. Zheravna is an architectural and ethnographic reserve of over 150 houses, a workshop for church candles, a small school, a convent, a church, 8 drinking-fountains, inns and shops, preserved from the time of the National Revival period. Some of them are over 300 years. Every of them is unique monument to the culture,created from unknown master. The village originated between the 12th-14th century. In the 17th-18th century it gained in wealth mostly due to the development of handcrafts, stock-breeding and trade. At that time the typical Zheravna wooden house took shape.Houses, churches, schools and other buildings have been preserved and turned into museums. Zheravna is the birthplace of Yordan Yovkov, an outstanding Bulgarian writer, whose house is now a museum.

Zheravna is situated in the eastern part of the country, in the middle of the Bulgarian Balkan mountains. It is located 55km from Sliven, near to town Kotel. The distance between Zheravna and the Black sea is only 110 km. Zheravna is the best place to spend your vacation. Opyimum geographic position and mountainous relief to Zheravna give an opportunity to relaxation and tourism. Excursions, picnics, fishing, photo-tourism and ecological walks. That is only part of attractions to Zheravna.

Into the bosom of Zheravna-between the cobblestone alleys, behind the tall fence walls, to uncover the flowered gardens, the intricate woodcarvings and traditional furnishing of the Bulgarian Renaissance home.

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