Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lanchid 19-- Budapest Hungary--

The hotel is situated on the Danube riverbank, a hundred meters from one of the symbols of Budapest Chain Bridge. Budapest city-centre is within a further hundred meters, the Castle is a ten-minute walk to the top of the Castle hill which emerges literally from the backyard café of Lánchíd 19. The hotel is only 10 km from airport.

The architecture of Lánchíd 19 represent cutting-edge design from HUNGARY,a contemporary highlight in a neighbourhood of predominantly 19th century architecture. The architect and design team of Péter Sugár and László Benczúr created very lovely atmosphere and changing colours of an innovative lighting design concept. The remains of a Roman water-tower in the basement is visible from the lobby through glass flooring.This detail gives the hotel its unique atmosphere.

The Gallery café and restaurant on the gallery floor opens onto the garden terrace and there’s a bar on the ground floor as well as an outdoor café. The hotel is well-prepared to host your business meetings, with a unique small conference room on the ground floor surrounded by medieval walls and the remains of the excavated water tower, as well as two larger rooms.


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