Sunday, December 27, 2009


Above the clouds, between the purest Alpine air, 1500m above the sea level is located Vigilius Mountain Resort. The only way to get there is only by cable car. There are no roads, no traffic, no noise. The place is within driving distance of Milan, Venice,Munich,Zurich, Verona a nd Innsbruck. 20 minutes from Bolzano.

The Hotel inside is so warm and stylish. A unique sensory experience is created by the use of the naturally scented larch wood throughout – that has been painstakingly crafted to achieve three different finishes: Floors are covered in roughly patterned larch, a fine grain has been used for all panelling and finishes, and a fluted look for the doors. All guestrooms face either east or west, but always to the outside â
€“ that is brought even closer by floor-to-ceiling windows leading on to generous balconies.

There are spa located on three floors with indoor pool, whirlpool which extends into the open air, sauna, steam and the paradise garden, unique vigilius feedback method with individually selected spa treatments, hay bath, vigilius massage, shiatsu, shiseido Qi massage and more.

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