Saturday, December 19, 2009

Glymur Resort

Iceland’s remoteness is an escape in itself, and this remote place offers an unusual way to enjoy it. Less than an hour drive from Reykjavik, is Glymur, a breathtaking spot with black-sand beaches, whale-watching trips, glaciers, lava fields, and wide pastures. The views are enough to soothe you and this is before you have taken in the best of the Glymur Resort. Menus there burs full of flavour.

I’ve written many times about the great nature of Iceland, an experience with unpolluted skies in which to wonder at night, sun in the summer and the northern lights in the winter; sure-footed, shaggy-coated Icelandic ponies on which to explore the lava landscape; and clear mountain streams leading to gushing waterfalls in otherwise silent mountains. It is soul cleansing with natural world.

Glymur Resort has twenty-two rooms, where all of them are on two floors and a series of themed two-person cottages. The hotel also provides yoga, peace and quiet for those who need it a lot. Some of the cottages are make of natural environment, like the House of Nature, which has a waterfall in its center and a cozy fireplace. However the Romantic Cottage has a large bed and a private tub.

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