Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rucksack House

Artist: Stefan Eberstadt,Muinch
Structural Engineering: Thomas Beck, Munich
Steel Construction: Alfred Mayrhofer
Total Surface: 9m2
Construction Cost: approx € 25.000
Perched between art and architecture, form and function, private and public property, the Rucksack House is a hovering illuminated space that looks like a cross between temporary scaffolding and minimal sculpture.
Its design is the result of fundamental artistic questions: How can sculpture function outside the context of art? What claim does the sculpture has today? Where does sculpture apply in today’s world?

Stefan Eberstadt:
Why should a building end where its walls normally end? How could it be expanded? The claustrophobic living conditions I experienced in mega cities like London or New york when living in small apartments with sometimes only one window towards the outside world have initiated the idea. I imagine the space in front of this window becoming real and accessible. Just stick some space on!

The concept of the Rucksack House has a dark reddish-brown color which comes from the material from which it is made – exterior grade polywood with an absorbent resin surface. It evokes solidity and provides a contrast to the faƧade from which the house hangs. The choice of material is inexpensive, accessible and economical.

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