Monday, December 7, 2009

Therme Spa in Switzerland

Forget city Spas – head to Therme Spa in Switzerland for the real thing. The thermal spring is a national Swiss landmark built from 60,000 stone slabs of Valser quarzite.The bath house is constructed from the local stone, gneisis.

The spa is a popular destination that draws Swiss and international tourists with the promise of six thermal pools (which contains calcium, sulpher, hydrogen and iron) full of minerals thought to heal and restore the skin and the body

With the only thermal spring in Graubünden, the Therme Spa is a stunning landmark for you to luxuriate and rediscover the ancient benefits of bathing in. The combinations of light and shade, open and enclosed spaces and linear elements make for a highly sensuous and restorative experience. Below the pool deck is a wellness centre where you can have treatments focusing on relaxation and pampering.

The thermal spa, formally opened in December 1996 and already listed by the Canton Graubünden as a protected building in 1998, is a self-willed construction set into the mountain slope. It replaced the bathing facilities of the hydro hotel (built between 1962 and 1970) which were too cramped and in need of repair.The new separate spa building is built in Valser gneiss. Stone by stone. A massive element set in to the gradient of the slope and dovetailed with the flank of the mountain.

The great slabs of the roof are grassed over sections of flower studded alpine meadow. That project could be called an extreme achievment of architecture – a combination of natural resources and human intelligence.

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  1. wow, the place looks so comfortable. feel so relax there. I like it..


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