Monday, January 4, 2010

Lloyd Hotel...

The Lloyd Hotel has a perfect location: it is located in the heart of Amsterdam with direct public transport connections and access to every part of the city. The hotel also has its own spacious parking garage. There’s also a lot of space in front of the hotel if you’re interested in getting there by boat.

The hotel structure is a true showcase for Dutch architecture and design. Each room in the hotel offer a different experience. A lot of Dutch Designers (Claudy Jongstra, Hella Jongerius, De Bazel, Marcel Wanders, Richard Hutten,) have been created some of the furniture elements.

The hotel has a restaurant – called Snel (best translated as “brisk”) – a recording studio, a nomadic library and some rooms with a kitchen for the use of those hotel guests who prefer to cook for their own visitors. Eating and drinking in Lloyd Hotel is about good ingredients and a simple way of treating them

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