Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Remota is a spectacular structure situated in Puerto Natales, an old fishing town in Patagonia, which is the latest hotel project from the Chilean green architect Germà n del Sol. It is all about minimizing the footprint, minimizing the silhouette, maximizing the impact of the place rather than the building.

Remota is a hotel made from wood, asphalt, slate and a bit like a bunker, albeit a stylized one. Interiors, however, are less severe, and not at all bunker-like; plenty of rich unfinished wood, plenty of organic curves and imperfections.

The breathtaking Chile’s landscapes are meant to be enjoyed from outdoors. Every kind of excursions are available, from casual walkabouts to more rigorous tours, and at the end of the day you can sink back into what is as much a luxury hotel as it is an eco-lodge, complete with sauna, infinity pool, jacuzzi, massage, and a restaurant serving local channel and ocean fish.

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