Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Shopping mad Osaka

The ultra chic construction- Namba parks, is built in 2003 in japan. According the architectural
project by Obayashi corporation. This large extraordinary designed complex with total building area- 130,000 sqm, consist of a 30 floors office building and a 120 tenant shopping mall with eight floors of terraced gardens. The parks tower with a heightof 150m now is considerd as a new landmark of Namba area.

There are more than 200 boutique stores, resturants, big brand, also and cinema complex with 11 screens. On the roof of this building is a spacious park with a toral area of 11,500 sq.m and approxmately 70,000 plants of 300 species. it is open to all offering dining venus and opportunity of relaxiton in a natural setting. So sucessfull Namba Parks, added a new dimension to the shopping options of the city.

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