Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art Gallery Of Ontario

Frank Gehry is a winning architect based in Los angles. Today he is 70 years old and ended up reenvisioning with the Art gallery of Ontario , As a child he visited the AGO often, and the effect of those visits on him and his future career was significant. The remaking of AGO allows toronto to gather some of the benifits of hs huge talent before it is all too late.

One of Gehry's early sources of carrer inspiration was the finish architect Alvar Aalto known as the father of Scandinavian modernism. Alvar loves the gently curving light color wood, and these clean and airy architectural lines, can be sensed at thenewly refurbished AGO. dur to this fat Gehry thought of Aalto when he designed the spiraling plywood faced staircase for the main entry hall is irrevalent. The newly transfigured AGo is simply gorgeous.

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