Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hawaii Volcanoes

Hawaii emerged from the sea million of years ago. today, Hawaii Volcanoes National park is unique ecosystems displays the results of 70 milion years of volcaanism and evolution.The park attaracts about 2.5 million visitors of years. This is a truly magical place, definitely not to be missed a once in a lifetime experience.

The park encompasses 230,000 acres and provides unusual hiking and camping oppourtunities.There are more than 150 mles of hiking trails with all levels of extreme.Bikers can take advantage of miles of paved road,tough for the unpaved trails, mountain bikes are essential.Attention! watch your step because the lava flows can and changes the landscape.Also wear shoes with good traction!Opening hours: The National Park s open 24 hours a day all year: Visitor Centre is open daily from 7:45 a.m -- 5:00 p.n . Admission : 10$ per vehicle, 5$ par individual - travelling withour a vehicle.

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