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Travel USA 10 cool places to visit

Travel USA 10 great adventures ideas

it’s so beautiful and full of natural wonders and man made havens. I compiled a list of 10 places that I think everyone should try to visit. I tried to come up with places maybe you’ve never heard of but are defiantly worth the travel.

Here they are in no particular order.

1.I’m all for natural wonders and for your first destination might I recommend the Geysers in yellow stone national park in Wyoming. It is perhaps has the most famous geyser in the world, “old Faithful” as it’s called. It is one group of about two hundred actice geysers. Old faithful erupts every hour for about four minutes, it’s an amazing site.

For those who aren’t sure what a geyser is, it is a hole in the ground that shoots our steaming hot water from the ground. Some geyser shoot water hight into the sky and others just bubble and gurgle. Some geysers go off several times an hour or in a day and some are only active every few years or more. So I recommend you take the kids to Yellowstone park, hey maybe you’ll even see Yogi Bear…LOL

2. In Colorado at a place called “MesaVerdeNational park an amazing architectural wonder can be found. Discovered by two cowboys in the late 1800’s is a abandoned houses carved into the side of a cliff. These apartment style homes had been long abandon but are believed to have been built by early Indians. This Cliff palace as it’s sometimes called is a unique and unlike any other place in north America. For what ever reason it was abandoned hundreds of years ago, it’s a great place to check out, just a bit of ancient ruins right here in your own backyard.

3. We have some beautiful natural wonders here in America, we have the grand canyon Niagara falls and in Oregon we have Crater lake. Scientist say thousands of years ago MountMazama exploded, sending rivers of lave gushing from the top. After being quiet for years the mountain finally trembled, cracked, and the edges of the crater fell into a big hole at the top. That is why some people say MountMazama swallowed its self. Now the crates is filled with clear blue water…it’s like looking into gods bowl….There is a small village where your can find quaint places to stay and visit. There is a highway that runs around the lake, it’s a beautiful sight. Like something out of a fantasy movie. Guests can visit Crater LakeNational Park throughout the year. If you plan to visit Crater Lake in the winter, you might consider joining one of the ranger-led snowshoe walks. These walks are offered completely free of charge, though you will need to bring your own snowshoes. Each Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm from Thanksgiving until the end of March, the friendly rangers of Crater LakeNational Park take willing hikers around sections of the lake. The crater is located in Oregon at Crater LakeNational Park.

4. This next spot has got to be one of my favourites, Carlsbad caverns a collection more then 100 limestone caves including Lechuguilla Cave the nation’s deepest limestone cave(1,604 ft) and third longest (over112 miles). This is a sight to see, if your not squeamish about traveling under the earth. Caves are an amazing creation in nature, remember whats beneath our feet is just as important as whats above it. Take one of the year round tours learn how caves are formed, what lives in them and so much more. Caving is a lot like hiking under ground so please take caution if you embark on a caving adventure.

5. As most Americans know California was the place to be during the gold rush. High in the mountains of eastern California in a hidden valley a town called Bodie was born when a wondering prospector discovered gold in 1859. People came from all over to find gold and small towns sprung up everywhere. The town of Bodie filled with thousands of people and eventually became known as a wicked place where robbers and thieves killed and fought for the gold. All that’s left today is a ghost town one of the few. Many of the town building still remain today, such as the church, stores, saloons, houses, post office and even the morgue. Bodie was once thriving with almost 10 thousand people now deserted it is a very cool and creepy place to visit

6. Looking to go back in time and see some of the countries history, then you have to take your family to Mackinac Island between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. On Mackinac Island there are no cars allowed, as soon as you get off the boat you get a horse and buggy or a bicycle. There are many places to visit on the island like Old fort Mackinac where British and American soldiers once fought to control the northwest territories. You can also visit The grand Hotel it use to be one of the largest summer hotels in the world. There are many sights and activities for the whole family on Mackinac Island, take your family back in time it’s defiantly an adventure worth checking out.

7. Another neat place to visit is a natural and man made is the graveyard of the Atlantic, or CapeHatteras. Many years ago on the very shores of North Carolina and Virginia Captain Black Beard sailed and attacked any ships that came into sight. They stole cargo and scared the local. On this very coast Black Beard was killed now it’s called Cape Hatteras Recreation Area. Along the shores of CapeHatteras the waters are shallow and have swallowed many of ships, to this day hundreds of ship wrecks lay on the sandy beaches. So to visit the place where black beard once ruled and then died and you want to see a graveyard of ships this is defiantly a cool place to take a vacation. And if you don’t care much about the ship wrecks the beach is just as fabulous on hot summer days.

8. In Oklahoma you can find an authentic IndianVillage. IndianCity is in the Tonkawa Hills near Anadarko Oklahoma. The Indians have built everything here from the grass houses to the fine art. Tours are held teaching about the customs of different tribes, Indian dances and feasts are held. Learn about their clothing, tools, musical instruments and more. Meet the ancestors of those who where here first see what life was like before big cities and stone houses. This is a very interesting place to visit, defiantly for the kids.

9. This next adventure may not be for everyone, I’m talk’n about heading south to the vast and mysterious Okefenokee Swamp. The swamp stretches from Florida to Georgia. Visiting the Okefenokee swamp is like stepping into an exotic land. The swamps provide a refuge for thousands of plants and animal who find sanctuary in the many lakes, islands and wetlands. There is much mystery in the Okefenokee some say you can hear the echoes of ancient reptiles that once roamed, or perhaps still do. What ever you believe this place is magical yes it’s full of bugs, frogs and alligators, but it’s pure and raw beautiful nature.

However, visiting the swamp can be some what confusing. There is no one park you go to that offers the entirety of the Okefenokee experience. Visitors have four choices of parks, each with their own set of natural qualities and recreation opportunities. Three parks are located on the eastern side of the swamp, and one park is located on the south-western side. Because of the size of the swamp, visiting the full complement of parks requires some driving because one must travel around the perimeter of the wetland, which is larger than the interior of Interstate 285 or all the barrier islands of Georgia combined. The most popular activities in the swamp are sightseeing, boating, and fishing there are walking trails and a historic site and a nature museum. All located around the swamps perimeter. This is defiantly and outdoorsmen adventure, and defiantly for the kids a great experience I totally recommend.

10. The final place I think everyone should visit is the Grand Canyon. I figured I should mention this one because it truly is a natural wonder of the world. Its depth and vast size are breath taking and makes you feel connected to the world like no other place. The Grand Canyon speaks history and engulfs your soul, it’s so beautiful and worth any effort it may take to see it. I also recommend if you are in a healthy state of life that you and your family should take some of the many tours both hiking rafting the river are fun and exhilarating. See one of the wonders of the natural world right here in the USA take you family and have some fun.

Remember it is important to spend time with the ones you love, and spending time togther in places full of beauty and excitement makes life worth living. You don’t have to travel far from home either I bet you have some great places to visit right in your own neighbourhood. Explore your world and the world around you and bring those you love closer to you and you to them, enjoy life and see all it has to offer….Happy Times Y’all

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