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Cancun: Mexican Caribbean

Cancún (kanˈkun) is a coastal city in Mexico’s easternmost state, Quintana Roo, on the Yucatán Peninsula. Cancun is located on the Yucatan Channel that separates Mexico from the island of Cuba in the Greater Antilles. Cancun’s region is sometimes known as the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun is the municipal seat of the Benito Juárez municipality and a world-renowned tourist resort. The city center is located on the mainland which connects over the Nichupté and Bojórquez lagoons to a narrow “7″ shaped island where the modern beachfront hotels are located. The island of Isla Mujeres is a nearby island located off the coast and is accessible by boat from Puerto Juarez or Punta Sam.

The older section of the city, known as “El Centro” follows the original master plan, consists of neighborhoods called “supermanzanas” (superblocks) that are formed by the intersections of the boulevards and traffic circles (roundabouts). This area is characterized by winding streets with culs-de-sac that tend to keep out the main flow of traffic, including market places such Xel Ha. They usually have one or more parks, green spaces, paseos (pedestrian walkways) and various national historical monuments. (source: wikipedia)

Spring Break Vacation Idea

Cancun is a gorgeous paradise. It is a premier destination that can also be considered a playground of indulgence. Whatever happens in Cancun stays in Cancun, so we don’t have to tell you how crazy it can get during your spring break.

Phenomenal sun and sand await as you embark on a quest for that perfect tan. Your Cancun Spring Break can also consist of leisurely beach bar hoping and attending poolside parties. Those that like to explore can choose to take a day trip to the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum or the Temple of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. If you still have some energy left, take a cruise from Cancun to the waters off of Cozumel, home to the second largest coral reef in the world. coco bangos

No matter what you do during the day, after the sun sets is when Cancun comes to life. The clubs, like Senor Frogs, Club Bulldog, Dady ‘O, Coco Bongo, and The City can entertain thousands with incredible light shows and energetic dance floors. Drink specials as well as contests and stage shows keeps the party going all night. Stay in one club all-night or go club hopping. The party doesn’t stop until the last person leaves! Cancun is a Spring Break paradise that offers everything you can imagine. You’ll go home laughing with a tan, maybe some braids or new tattoos, tons of memories, and probably a few secrets too!

Looking for a Spring Break 2009 vacation idea? You haven’t done Spring Break until you’ve done Spring Break in Cancun! It’s the #1 International Destination for Spring Break. Spring Break in Cancun means warm, sunny days spent on white coral sand beaches packed with fellow spring-breakers and sizzling nights of mega-club dancing, drinking, and all-round partying with friends old and new. he bulk of the resorts and night clubs in Cancun are located on the L-shaped island (a.k.a. Isla Cancún, also called the “Zona Hotelera”), which boast about 16 miles of pristine white-sand beaches opening onto the turquoise-green water of the Caribbean. This is where almost all of Cancun Spring Break happens.

The vast majority of hotels are located on the island, along the powdery white sand beaches facing the Caribbean Sea. The “back side” of the island faces the Lagoon of Nichupté, a popular Cancun tour stop where there is plenty of water skiing, sailing and jet ski rentals for touring the mangroves and open water. Many of the cheaper hotels on the island are lagoon-side, rather than facing the ocean.

Not to be overlooked, though, is the north-end of the island, which faces the Isla Mujeres. The beaches here are some of the most popular for a Cancun tour as they are shielded from the occasional strong current and choppier water of the Caribbean.

Getting around during your Cancun tour is never a problem as there is a single main road stretching the length of the island called Paseo Kulkulkán. The bus system and taxis are easily used (more on that here) and most drivers speak basic English. You will get to know the main hotel landmarks and the major Spring Break Cancun hot spots that are near them.

Be aware that the farther south you stay on the island, the longer you will wait in traffic to get to most of the hottest night spots, which are grouped toward the top end of the island.

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