Sunday, May 24, 2009

Must-Haves When Going to The Beach

The beach is a lot of fun, unless you forget things that make it possible to be in the sun and stay comfortable. Here are my must-haves when going to the beach.

Living within an hour’s drive of the beach I have learned to love the ocean and at times take it for granted. However I have also learned through time the items you really must have if you plan on making a day out of it. Here is what I recommend.


Ok this is a no brainer but sun tan lotion is the most important thing you need to bring. You should also bring a sun block as well just in case the sun feels really strong when you are there. You should apply 30 minutes prior to sitting in the sun and then reapply as necessary. Some “experts” say that reapplying doesn’t help, and I say bull shi-tak-e. I apply anyway and I feel it does help me.

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