Friday, March 18, 2011

-Huvafen Fushi Resort-

Huvafen Fushi Resort is the world’s only underwater resort reopened after a basic refurbishment. The underwater spa, which constitutes part of the elegant Huvafen Fushi resort, consists two double treatment rooms and a separate relaxation area with breathtaking views under the Indian Ocean.

This is the most sensory appealing spa in the world. Guests enter the underwater spa along a passageway lit with colour-change lights in the ceiling to enhance the overall sensory experience.

The transformation also includes lifting the interior wall colour from a light wood to a double curvature organic form. The resort offers 43 naturally modern rooms located both on the beach and on stilts over the Indian Ocean.


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  2. Amazing.. Huvafen Fushi is one of he best resorts in he world.


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