Thursday, October 1, 2009

Urban Jerusalem

Not so many cities in the world can be acting like Jerusalem. The city is cultural, political and spiritual crashing point since ages – the crossroads for the world’s three great monotheistic religions. But there you will also find the sophisticated Jerusalem far removed from the churches, and synagogues. The local institutions such as the Israel Museum, the annual Israel Festival, theHebrew University of Jerusalem and the Bezalel Arts Academy have given the city an urban edge that serves as both an anchor and oasis.
The new edge is more stylish. From its westernmost entry point to the gates of the Old City, its bright downtown slick, design-driven, architecturally important new hotels, restaurants and cultural facilities are appearing across the city. Thanks to the new commers West Jerusalem, is now beginning to carve out its own identity as a tourist destination, and will offer some surprises to people who have long seen it as a sleepy alternative to Tel Aviv.

The Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum. The museum is capped by a 30-foot conical structure covered with pictures of 600 Holocaust victims, ranging from young girls to old men — an artistic representation of the 3.1 million names the museum has collected through testimonies and other sources.

The terrace at the Dan Boutique Hotel overlooks the Old City.

The Chords Bridge, designed by Santiago Calatrava

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