Friday, August 7, 2009

Thronecrown Chapel, Arkansas

Through the dense jungle near Eureka Springs , Arkansas -states in the southern region of USA- is located Thorncrown Chapel for a grove of trees in the middle of the forest. The transparent facade, combined with the timber trusses, create the appearance of a grand forest rather than a carefully constructed chapel. But when you come in you'll star appreciating the small details that set it a part as a paragon of architectural achievement.

With all the contemporary emphasis on modern sustainable architecture, sometimes we seem to forget that enviromentally friendly architecture has existed for a long time . Built in 1980, Thorncrown Chapel was created with the idea of highlighting the natural seting, which was, and srll is , an attarctive natural setting for tourists in the area. The owner of the site , Jim Reed hited well known architect , Frank Lloyd Wright alumni E. Fay jones t design and build the site which native timber to match the setting around it, and the result was a fantastic expression f architectures that was awarded the Twenty five Year Award by the American Institute of Architects.

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