Sunday, August 2, 2009

Restaurant & Fun For Children

This restaurant is called Parq and it is designed by the dutch designer Tjep. The place s perfect for grown ups and also a lot of fun for the children. this splendid restaurant is located at Amersfoort the Netherlands and has tables that look like a bus , a window and a kitchen.

While creating this marvellous interior Tjep follows the idea a new unique restaurant concept that world welcome parents and their children without looking like a playground.

The first Parq restaurant opened its dors shortl after and became quite sucessful and well known . After 5 sucessful years the owner deceide to make a restaurant chain. Presented here is the first of the two that opened in Amersfoort ,Netherland.

So again they create a restaurant that is inspiringand fun for children, while being comfortable and enjoyable for their parents. This in an intefrated rahter than separeated manner, which is more usually the case.

The six meter high contruction in the center look like an abstract cloud evoking something of a colorful game contrasting nicely with the handcrafted architecture. One space is reserverd for children and their parents while the others is reserved for adults.

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