Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mejik Cafe ,Serbia

The life in Belgrade, Serbia got a little more vibrant with the opening of the Majik Cafe designed by karim Rashid. The style is as he calls it technorganic a gold vinyl ceilling a patterened glass bar which changes color and mood walls covered in massive digital pronts, LED lights illuminating the space. The rexsturant is brought into the 21st techno-century with a scolling LED message board above that displays customers's text messages.

It exploded onto the serbian nightlife scene in a technicolor jamboree making for one super fly example of 21st century techno lust . The exterior is finished in polished, stainless steel,and mosaic,kaleioscopic, engaging and inspiring fulgent space for lounging, dinning and drinking.

Karim Rashid intention was to play ever so abstractly with Eastern Eurpean iconic symbols, but bring then int the 21st century. i wanted the space to contrast with the greyness of the city and connect Belgrade to the digital world.

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