Friday, August 21, 2009

-Luxurious Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel-

Cappadocia a natural wonder characterized by fairy chimenys, is a magical mountainous landscape in the center of modern Turkey , that was created from a series of valcanic eruption 9 to 3million years ago. A famous and popular tourist destination, cappadocia is also home for a very special hotel, the Yunak Evleri Hotel.

Carved into a mountain cliff in the ancient village of Urgup, the Luxurious Yunak Evleri Hotel is famous for its six cave houses with a total of 30 rooms all dating back from the 5th and the 6th century. Renovated to keep the original style, packed with antiques and some beautifull hand crafted furnishings, the hotel has the elegance of aMediterranean Villa, offering both exotic kuxury caves and multi chamber deluxe suites for the pickiest of their customers.

Located in Urgup, the cave hotel is accessible from the Nevsehir Tuzkoy Airport 55km away or the Kayseri Erkilet Airport 65km away offering accommodation starting from 85 euro for the single room, 110 euro for the double room 130 eur for the deluxe and 170 euro for the cave suite. I did certainly pay it a visit if i had the time .

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