Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Kunsthaus of Graz

The kunsthaus of Graz is located to the glank of the river Mur Austria and has been designed like an artistic centre to organize international exhibitions of multidisciplinary modern art.

The main particularity of this project is the Faasade: its bomorphic outer surface can display manifole aspects since it can be electonically modified its blue skin shining gleet on a glassy and reflecting surface causes a bubble effects.

Behind this skin realities united has installed a field of neon lamps . The covered area is approximately 20 m high and 45 m board. Each lamp is indivisually infinitely adjustable. Luminosity can be varied between 0% and 100% . With the help of digital conrelled system animations, graphics and alphabets can be displayed . A speed pf 20 frames per second can be achieved.

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