Friday, August 7, 2009

Hotel Screen, JAPAN

Kyoto Screen Hotel is a real example of modern Japanese design and it is located between many avant guard shops and clubs of Sanjo-Shijo districts. Intresting history,exciting cocktail-bars are all within easy reach. There is something for everyone.

The hotel has unusual nimber of rooms 13 induvisually decorated by a different artist, so that no two visitors will have the same experience on any given night.Hotel facilities include a banquet hall, spa,chapel, open-air sky lounge and select shop, which sells, amongs other things, traditional Kyoto goods made by local craft artist as well as the screen soundtrack, as a specially -produced, hotel-inspired compilation album.

There is also a restaurant, where guests can enjot Kyoto nouvelle cusine made with fresh, organic ingredients from local growers. and once a week, they can relax at Candle Night in the lounge, part of screen energy-saving eco-luxe concept of respecting the enviroment without forsaking comfort.

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